Friday, November 1, 2013

Moving Sale Post #1

Houndstooth who? Oh hi! I haven't done a show in like 8 months and now I'm selling my house. That means it's time to purge, purge, purge. Long post of THINGS, here. Apologies for the crap photos, etc. Contact me with questions! 312-550-8980

$30 Oh my. These little Danish tables have a few scratches, which is why they are $30 for the pair! Sturdy! Adorable.

 SOLD!This is a Paul McCobb for Calvin serving piece, marked. Original laminate top folds out for more serving space. Two drawers with original hardware. Why so cheap?? I will tell you: It's a great look but is wobbly, gentlemen. Those little castors have seen better days and the piece really needs to be reglued. As is! This is a moving sale. Great look.

SOLD! Big red and brown painting! Oil on canvas. Why so cheap? Because I painted it once when I needed a huge painting. How big? I do not know. Probably just over 3' x 3'

 SOLD! Kilim pillows, set of 3. Okay not everything is bargain basement realness. These are so  so great, but I don't really have a spot for them anymore and I have SO MUCH STUFF. So I will sell them for a fair but not bargain price. Velvet backs on the larger two. Largest one is over 16" x 16"

SOLD! This lamp! photo does not do it justice. I just bought it for myself! But I need no more lamps. It's glamorous and white and ceramic and brass. Original shade, heavy paper with gold strip and gold interior. Glass and brass finial. Photo stinks! See it in person. Tarnish to brass.

$160 Big huge Italian mirror. She is heavy.  A few discolorations along bottom. Size? I don't know. Around 4' wide. Can be hung vertically. Original tag, now missing, said "Made in Italy" and had a purchase order from 1964 attached.

 $30 Look at this bundle of wheat and straight lines! Gilt/gold/Italian. Hangs on wall.

SOLD! Restoration Hardware Harvest Table. 7' long, 42" wide. Pine. Full of scratches and character. Imagine it with super modern chairs on a covered patio. Use it for canning or shelling peas. There is a bowl of brown eggs on it. You are an urban farmer.

SOLD! Pair of Art Deco Lamps. Brass nestled in between stacked wooden blocks of maple.

$220 Pair of ridiculously gorgeous 1970's Lucite & black plastic lamps. One shade is unglued at the seam on back, and has minor discoloration. Casts great sexy light on your smokey-mirrored coke table.

$300 Almost matching set of Bamboo, rattan, and oak porch furniture. Victorian/Aesthetic Movment. Two minor breaks to caning in settee, unnoticeable, otherwise minimal wear and very sturdy.

$200 Pair of nightstands/end tables. Thin book-like-leather tops, mahogany bases. These lovely regency style tables were purchased for far more dollars several years ago, but alas, no more space. There are multiple scratches on the tops and legs, and discoloration to leather on the tops. Price reflects vintage condition of finish. Must see in person to commit. Very sturdy.

Hello Pharmacy Cabinet from Restoration Hardware! You are not vintage, obviously. I'm selling mine for $1000 firm, down from the retail price of $1495. Great deal? Maybe not. But a deal all the same. It's practically brand new. Perfect condition.

$120 Speaking of Restoration Hardware, here is a polished chrome etagere from the same store. I am so embarrassed about how much stuff I have from them! What kind of vintage dealer/designer am I? 5 shelves, glass, in excellent condition.

SOLD! Teak sofa frame, purchased from Toomey Gallery in Oak Park. Was told it is French. Filthy cushion included. Originally had 3 back cushions as well. One arm and leg are loose and need to be reglued. It has been in this condition since I purchased it, but is miraculously stable as is. Needs work but could be nice!

 $300 A couple years ago I spotted this gorgeous desk Campaign style desk by Kittinger on Craigslist. In a fit of madness I paid $750 for it. I knew the base needed to be tightened, etc. What I didn't know is that the base probably needs professional help, or to be taken apart and put back together by a skilled furniture person. One of the feet is literally GLUED on, and it fell off when I was unloading it from the car. It's a stunning thing to look at, but beyond my abilities to repair. It would need some minor soldering to be sturdy again. And the finish is in vintage condition. That said, I have loved it as a statement in the room. Have seen it at auction more than once in better condition for over $3000. Yours for $300! Yay.

$500 Midcentury chair and ottoman. Purchased from Room Service in Andersonville. Was told it was Paul McCobb but does not have label, and I can't find proof or any matches. Bought it with new upholstery 3 years ago, but was never flawless and shows minimal wear. Clean, no holes.

 $650 Pine Cabinet Originally purchased from SCOUT in Andersonville. Over 6' Tall, about 32" wide, 14" deep.

SOLD! Adorable console/sofa table. Brass and glass. Glass is lightly chipped but unnoticeable. Tarnish to brass. Regency/Campaign style.

Phew! Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for potential follow up posts! Things will be marked SOLD when no longer available. I also have a lot of vintage smalls that I will be posting later. CALL OR TEXT 312-550-8980

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